Bone Grafting - Tolland, CT

Regain Lost Function and Restore Your Look

Qualify for Dental Implants with Bone Grafting

When your teeth decay or fall out, your quality of life drops too. Eating becomes difficult, speaking awkward, and smiling something you would rather not do at all. Having decayed or missing teeth can also lead to issues that are not as obvious or immediate but are very serious nonetheless. A jawbone needs healthy, strong tooth roots to maintain its integrity. Without them, it can weaken and deteriorate and can lead to further bone and tooth loss. Your distinctive facial structure can change to the point where you look prematurely aged. You might need dental implants, but not have enough bone to support them! We understand what you’re going through and are ready to help. Through innovative bone grafting procedures, we frequently replace lost bone in order to restore the shape and strength of your jawbone. Now, with a stable foundation, we can also successfully replace any missing teeth with dental implants. Dr. Neil Hoss and our team can restore your jaw, your smile, and your overall enjoyment of life with a complete restorative experience from dental implants to bone grafting in Tolland, CT.

What Are the Benefits of Bone Grafting?

  • Rebuild your jawbone mass to support dental implants
  • Restore your natural jawline
  • Stabilize your adjoining teeth
  • Reclaim a balanced facial appearance
  • Enjoy a more youthful look regardless of your age
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Rebuilding the Bone

During a bone grafting procedure, we take a small piece of real bone from a donor source or artificial grafting material and carefully place it in the area of your jaw where your bone has deteriorated. This graft will slowly fuse with the surrounding jawbone and eventually become a healthy, sturdy, and permanent part of your body. With your jawbone newly rebuilt, we can provide you with dental implants to take the place of those missing teeth—and enable you to enjoy normal daily activities again. In some cases, frequently just after a tooth is extracted, we offer a bone grafting procedure called a ridge augmentation. When a tooth is lost or removed, it leaves an empty socket with a ridge around it. If the walls of this socket break down the height and width of the jaw may not heal on its own. Using bone grafting material, we’ll recreate the natural contours of your jaw and rebuild the ridge you lost. Your facial functioning and esthetics will also be restored, so you look like you and feel wonderful!

Yes! I want my beautiful jawline back!

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