CEREC Same-Day Crowns - Tolland, CT

New Teeth in One Appointment

With CEREC Crowns, You Don’t Have to Wait

Cavities and cracks in your teeth can be anything from inconvenient to downright painful. Eating, speaking, and smiling never feel quite as comfortable as when you have a full set of healthy teeth. If you’re tired of skipping your favorite foods because they’ve become hard to eat, or of avoiding conversations with others because you don’t want them to notice your flawed teeth—take heart! We can restore the strength and beauty of your teeth with dental crowns. What’s more, CEREC technology enables us to create your crowns on the spot! Whether your teeth are damaged above the gumline but still have healthy roots, or the damage is so severe that your teeth need to be replaced by dental implants, we offer fast, effective care with CEREC crowns in Tolland, CT.

Why CEREC Crowns?

  • Same-day crown creation and placement
  • On-the-spot crown fabrication
  • Fewer visits
  • A stunningly strong, confident, and natural-looking smile
cerec tool being used

The Short Story on CEREC

CEREC, or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a groundbreaking cosmetic dentistry tool that enables us to provide durable, high-quality crowns in a fraction of the time of traditional crowns. You used to have to wait up to weeks for your crowns. The dentist would take impressions of your teeth and send them out to a lab to have your crowns fabricated. Sometimes these labs are located in another part of the country. Dr. Neil Hoss knows that you want to get back to enjoying normal life as soon as possible. He brought innovative CEREC technology into our Tolland, CT office to allow you to do just that.

CEREC Makes Same-Day Dentistry Possible

We start your same-day crowns by scanning your teeth with an intraoral camera to make a detailed 3D digital image. We use CEREC’s design program to create a blueprint for your new tooth or teeth. This information is then fed into CEREC’s milling machine, which fabricates your restorations on the spot. You can even watch your new restorations being made. Dr. Hoss and our highly experienced team will then expertly place your CEREC crowns before sending you on your way with strong, beautiful new teeth that blend seamlessly with your existing smile. Depending on the number of crowns you need, this process can be completed in about an hour start to finish!

dentist showing patient diagram

Yes! I want my smile back faster!

dental patient smiling after cleft lip surgery