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Rehabilitate Your Smile

Full Mouth Reconstruction Transformations

Restoring the aesthetics and functioning of your mouth can sometimes be as simple as filling a noticeable cavity that may be spoiling your smile and causing you pain. While we always hope your dental care is as straightforward as this, sometimes more complex procedures—or even multiple procedures—are needed to make you look and feel the way you should. If you’re unable to eat, speak, or smile without physical or emotional discomfort, we have the solution. Dr. Neil Hoss can restore your smile and your quality of life with full mouth reconstruction in Tolland, CT. This treatment plan combines his signature areas of focus—restorative, orthodontic, and cosmetic dentistry—into a single dental treatment plan. As a general practitioner, Dr. Hoss has the wide-ranging expertise to provide these and other dental health services under one roof, right here in Tolland, CT.

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Beginning to Build a New You

Dr. Hoss will determine if you’re a candidate for full mouth reconstruction through a consultation. This includes examining your gums and teeth for any damage, decay, or discoloration. If he determines teeth grinding (bruxism), for example, as a source of your dental issues, he’ll suggest solutions to both eliminate the cause as well as repair the damage done. He’ll also assess your overall facial aesthetics so that he can deliver results that not only alleviate any pain you may be experiencing but that also meet your smile goals. His aim is to achieve a balance between health and beauty. You shouldn’t have to choose one over the other. With full mouth reconstruction, you don’t have to.

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Potential Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

Severe jawbone decay can prevent you from getting dental implants. However, Dr. Hoss can rebuild the bone through an innovative bone grafting procedure. This involves using bone samples to grow new bone in the deteriorated area, ultimately restoring the integrity of your jaw and making you a candidate for dental implants.

If you have teeth missing or some that are decayed beyond repair, Dr. Hoss can provide you with dental implants, the most natural-looking, long-lasting tooth replacements available today. Dr. Hoss has had years of extra training in placing and restoring dental implants.

If you have teeth with healthy roots and pulp but damage above the gumline, we can top them off with durable, attractive crowns to take the place of the natural enamel.

When your front teeth have minor cosmetic flaws but are structurally stable, we can literally cover up those defects with porcelain veneers —slender yet strong coatings that slip right over the anterior surface of your teeth.

Braces can be the best way to straighten your teeth and save your smile. With expanded training in orthodontics, Dr. Hoss is exceptionally qualified to provide braces to adult and juvenile members of your family alike.

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