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Traditional Dentures, Firmly Fastened

Implant Supported Dentures Don’t Slip

If you’re missing teeth and are considering dentures, or if you already wear them, you may be concerned about your dentures slipping. The fact is, dentures do sometimes move out of place, and rarely at convenient times. Social engagements and professional activities can be compromised in mere seconds by unexpectedly loose dentures. Dr. Neil Hoss can help you avoid all the embarrassing and awkward situations that traditional dentures can create with implant supported dentures. This modern technique uses two or more dental implants to offer a reliable foundation to your dentures. With training from the acclaimed Misch Implant Institute and 25 years in practice, Dr. Hoss is exceptionally qualified to provide you with secure implant supported dentures in Tolland, CT.

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  • Options for replacing a full arch of teeth

What Dental Implants Do

Dental implants typically consist of three components: a threaded, screw-like titanium post that acts as an artificial tooth root, a crown that performs the functions of your visible tooth, and an abutment, which links the other two parts. With implant supported dentures, we use only the post. Dr. Hoss inserts the required number of posts into your jawbone to anchor your dentures in your mouth. During the procedure, he offers nitrous and oral sedation to keep you calm and pain-free. If you need any teeth removed, he can generally perform tooth extractions during the same appointment. If you don’t have sufficient jawbone mass to support dental implants, Dr. Hoss can rebuild it through a bone regrowth treatment called bone grafting before providing you with dental implants.

An Upgrade to Your Quality of Life

Once your implant supported dentures are in place, you’ll notice a tremendous boost to your quality of life almost immediately. Eating, speaking, and smiling—activities which once may have caused you worry—begin to feel comfortable and completely natural. You won’t miss those messy adhesives that you used to have to apply regularly. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the implant posts will keep your dentures firmly in place. You’ll also avoid the gum irritation that non-secure dentures can sometimes cause. If traditional dentures aren’t working for you, reliable implant supported dentures may be the solution you need. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hoss to learn more!

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