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Gummy Smiles Restyled

Soft Tissue Recontouring Shines A Spotlight on Your Teeth

A great smile has several elements. Vibrant, healthy teeth, with none missing or gapped. All should be a uniform color. The gums are also important, though they sometimes serve your smile best by taking a less prominent role. When you have what seems like too much gum tissue and not enough tooth showing, you have what’s called a “gummy smile.” Through soft tissue contouring (also known as crown lengthening), we can change the balance of your smile, giving you more visible teeth and less visible gum tissue. This treatment can eliminate any embarrassment you might be feeling about the size of your gums and replace it with complete confidence. Dr. Neil Hoss and our team are ready to help you achieve your perfect smile with soft tissue recontouring in Tolland, CT, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures.

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Why Soft Tissue Recontouring?

  • A better tooth-to-gum ratio
  • Greater confidence
  • A stunning smile
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay and disease

Our Minimally Invasive Process

Using a BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser, Dr. Hoss can create greater harmony between your teeth and gums in just one visit! He begins by removing a portion of gum tissue to expose more of the surface of the teeth. The laser technology means no scalpels are necessary! You should also experience less swelling and bleeding—and have a shorter recovery time—than you would through non-laser treatments. While crown lengthening doesn’t actually make your teeth longer, it does make them appear longer by comparison. Your gums are shorter, though, and in better proportion to the teeth they’re surrounding. During this procedure, Dr. Hoss takes great care to ensure that your gums retain a natural, consistent shape and height from one corner of your mouth to the other.

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Even More Benefits

The advantages of soft tissue recontouring don’t end with a more pleasing tooth-to-gum ratio. There’s so much more that it can do for you. The procedure enables us to do deeper cleanings and makes your brushing more effective, reducing your likelihood of developing dental health problems. It can also make space for crowns or braces, should you ever need to be fitted with either of them. We can perform these restorative and orthodontic treatments and many others for your family right here in one Tolland, CT office.

Yes! I want a more balanced smile!

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