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Make Your Smile Shine

Teeth Whitening Works Wonders

If your teeth are darkened, yellowed or stained in any way, they can make your smile stand out for all the wrong reasons. While there are some do-it-yourself whitening options available—gels, toothpastes, trays, etc.—they simply can’t deliver the results of the professional teeth whitening treatment that we offer here in-office. Imagine shiny white teeth in one consistent, stunning shade! Dr. Neil Hoss and our team have brightened up the smiles of many patients in the area and would love to do the same for you with our professional teeth whitening in Tolland, CT. As a general practitioner, Dr. Hoss is able to provide a variety of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic, restorative dentistry, and other services to your family in one convenient practice. Schedule an appointment and be sure to ask how you can enjoy whiter teeth at a tremendous savings of half off the regular price. Available for a limited time only.

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Habits That Can Discolor Your Teeth

  • Tobacco use
  • Coffee, tea, soft drinks, and wine
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Highly fluoridated water

ZOOM!®: The Solution Is Here

If you don’t take proper care of your teeth; drink a lot of coffee, soft drinks, or wine; or regularly use tobacco—cigarettes, cigars, or the smokeless variety—the most effective way to keep your teeth from becoming discolored is to discontinue those habits. We understand that you may really enjoy your morning coffee and we don’t want to deprive you of that pleasure. However, you can do some good by brushing and flossing regularly and cutting back on coffee consumption and these other teeth-staining habits. Better still, practice good dental hygiene habits, reduce your usage of these products, and come to us for ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment. This proven teeth-bleaching process uses a combination of hydrogen peroxide and a special light instrument to whiten your teeth. ZOOM! brightens all your teeth at once, gives you impressive results immediately, and, unlike some whitening options, reduces your tooth sensitivity. Don’t live with discolored teeth any longer.

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Yes! I want to save 50% on teeth whitening!

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